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2019 Tour de Forest Rally Package

$60.00 USD

The 2019 Tour de Forest Regional Rally Photo Package

Since the event is a one day event this year the price will be $60. This time around I am asking that the full $60 be paid up front so I can get photos done and out to people faster and to insure that my travel expenses are covered. 

The $60 will be 100% refunded if you change your mind at least a week before the event (7 days from November 9th), if you do not start the event, or if you don't make it to where I am and I don't get any photos of you. I need to get at least 5 teams signed up in order to justify the trip. I know a lot of you have already said your in on social media and I thank you! 

All of the photos I capture of you, your team, or your car will be added to a folder where you can download the full res files to use how ever you wish. 

Thank you everybody for your continued support! 

Lets Rally!!!

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